To help our customers be competitive in a global market, they need a responsive,
fullservice manufacturer like Eldorado to offer them prototyping, application engineering, quality control and a competitive manufacturing alternative to going offshore.

Eldorado offers application support, to help customers determine if their product design can be slightly modified to lower production costs without impacting product quality.

Eldorado's investment in superior quality machine tools and automation enables them to store customer projects pre-set with tooling and pallets, so if a re-order is initiated, the job can be in production within hours maximizing reaction time and offering the best possible turn-around.

The Eldorado team is highly technical with engineers in key departments, ensuring that product integrity is never compromised by our quick service. Quality inspection is an every day occurrence at Eldorado as part of our ISO 9001:2015 commitment.

Come and see the future of manufacturing technology in Canada by contacting us at 519-885-2910 for a complete tour of our facilities.