Eldorado Tool and Manufacturing Limited was founded in 1974 by Peter Harry, a young tool and die maker. The Company's vision then, still holds true today – invest in the most technically advanced machinery and processes and be unrivalled in quick turnaround manufacturing.

Eldorado has over 60 advanced CNC machine tools including CNC multi-tasking centers with pre-engineered automation that can serve one machining center with a few pallets – or up to eight machines with (100) pallets. Additional machines, pallets and load/unload stations can be added as required. Eldorado inventories pre-set pallets, complete with automated work-holding, so a new re-run of a previous job can be activated in mere hours, rather than days.

Eldorado is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company with its plant and head office located in Kitchener.

Eldorado is a technology-driven company, able to offer clients, application services, in-house inspection, prototyping, and from short to long-run manufacturing.

Our Team

Like most successful organizations, Eldorado's success is attributed to the leadership of a core group of talented professionals.

Its founder, Peter Harry, came to Canada as a young toolmaker and, at the tender age of only 29, started Eldorado Tool & Manufacturing. As business continued to flourish, Peter Harry carefully built a team of key individuals, each of whom, fill an import role in the broad ranges of service offered by Eldorado Tool.

Equally important as their diverse professional qualifications, our core group of supervisory staff also crosses over many nationalities, which also makes it possible to interpret client engineering files in the French, Chinese, German, Russian, English and a few other European languages.

It is important for you to know the people you are either presently dealing with or considering to take on your next important project